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Radon Testing

Why we use the RAD-ELEC Electret Ion Chamber System

The Rad-Elec E-PERM radon testing system has revolutionized the radon industry with its electret ion chamber technology. The E-PERM System has rapidly gained international recognition for its reliable, low-cost, accurate environmental monitors.

The electret ion chamber is a passive integrating ionization chamber. It consists of  very stable electret (a charged Teflon disc) mounted inside a small chamber made of electrically conducting plastic. The electret serves as both a source of the electrostatic field and as a sensor. The ions produced inside the chamber are collected onto the electret, causing a reduction of its surface charge. The reduction in charge is a function of the total ionization during a specific monitoring period and the specific chamber volume. This change in voltage is measured by Safeway using Rad-elec’s portable SPER-1 Electret Reader. This is done by our PA DEP licensed technician.

We are PA DEP approved for both E-PERM Electret radon testing and analysis.


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